Tennessee Norton Owners Association
Established 2007
Dedicated to the preservation of the Norton Motorcycle. Our club has meetings, shows and group rides all geared toward the labor of love we call Motorcycling. The Norton Motorcycle was the brainchild of James L. Norton and we seek to continue in his passion for this unique piece of history. If you love Norton's and like to be with other people who share that passion please come ride with us. Contact someone on this page and get back to enjoying your Norton the way it was intended, Get Out And Ride!!! The club will be attending the Ton Up Club show at the 5 points area on the 23rd of May from noon to around 5 or 6 pm. Hope to see you there.

Contact Information
Email : jonharrod13@yahoo.com/ mikes_n15cs@yahoo.com
Phone : 931-334-7188 / 931-285-0036
Address :
523 Ridgetop Rd.
2069 Garner rd.
Hampshire / Mt. Pleasant
Tennessee - 38461 / 38474